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Kevin Farnam, MD

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Allergy Testing is an important part of determining an effective treatment plan for allergies. Kevin Farnam, MD, an allergist serving patients at Adult and Children Allergy Asthma Center in Pasadena, CA, is ready to help patients get relief.

Allergy Testing Q & A

How Does an Allergy Skin Test Work?

The patient will sit comfortably while the skin test is done. This method involves the creation of tiny pricks in the skin, followed by the application or injection of a tiny amount of potential allergens. The allergy skin test rarely causes any pain and it causes only minimal trauma to the skin. The patient will then sit for 15 to 20 minutes to allow the skin time to react to the potential allergens. In areas where there is a wheal (swelling) and inflammation, an allergic reaction has occurred. This gives the doctor the information needed to create a custom allergy treatment plan.

Are There Any Side Effects to Allergy Testing?

Some patients have itching at the site of allergic reactions during an allergy skin test. Although quite rare, there is a small chance of a systemic allergic reaction during an allergy skin test. This occurs about once in every 1,000 patients. If this type of reaction occurs, the doctor can treat the patient to resolve the reaction immediately.

How Does Skin Allergy Testing Compare to Blood Testing?

Blood testing is sometimes done to look for allergic reactions, but this type of test is not as sensitive as skin allergy tests. Due to the lower sensitivity level, a blood allergy test may fail to recognize some allergies that the skin allergy test would be able to detect. It generally takes at least a few days to get the results after a blood allergy test since the blood must be analyzed by a lab. With skin allergy tests, the results are available within about 20 minutes, as the doctor can analyze the patient's reaction right in the office. Many patients also prefer the skin allergy test because it allows them to have a true understanding of how they react to various allergens -- it's visible on their skin.

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