We are open and accepting new patients. Read about our COVID safety measures.

New Patient


To ensure your first visit with us goes smoothly we request the following:

  • To ensure your first visit with us goes smoothly we request the following: Bring a credit card, debit card or a HSA/FSA card with you. We do require all our patients have a credit card on file with us. For more details regarding our credit card on file policy please click here.
  • Stop any antihistamine 5 days prior to the new patient or skin test appointment. We typically perform skin testing on the first visit. All other medications are okay to continue. If a patient cannot discontinue their antihistamine, they should continue the antihistamine, and the physician will discuss alternative medications, alternative testing or later testing. For a list of antihistamine medications click the following link Medications to Hold.
  • Bring your insurance card, a form of ID and a credit card to pay any co-pays (we are a cashless business).
  • Complete the new patient electronic forms prior to the visit. The electronic forms will be texted and/or emailed to you. Failure to fill out the forms could result in reduced time spent with the physician during your appointment.
  • Call your insurance to confirm if we are in network or out of network.
  • Call your insurance to check insurance coverage for allergy benefits and your deductible prior to the first visit.
  • Prepare enough time for the appointment with new patient appointments typically lasting 2 hours. There is on site parking for $8 and nearby one hour street parking.

We look forward to seeing you.

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