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Allergy Shots


Allergy Shot Updated Policy


March 24, 2020


Dear Allergy Shot Patients,

We believe strongly that controlling your allergies and asthma with allergy shots is important during the COVID-19 outbreak. However in order to adhere to the new social distancing requirements by the state and federal government we are implementing new policies for our allergy shot clinic so we can continue administering allergy shots to you in a safe manner. These policies also apply to patients who are on biologic therapies such as Xolair, Nucala, Fasenra or Dupixent.

  • Patients will have to make appointments for allergy shots. Walk in allergy shot patients won’t be accepted any longer to control the flow of patients and ensure their safety. The appointments will be scheduled on Monday and Wednesday at 15 minute increments from 8 am to 11:30 am and 1 pm to 4:30 pm. If there is higher demand then we will open additional days for allergy shots.
  • Patients can make appointments by calling our clinic. However soon we will give patients options to either make appointments by text messaging or online booking. We will update you when these platforms are available.
  • Once a patient has arrived in their car to the clinic then they will notify us by calling us (text messaging will soon be available).
  • The patient will wait in their car until the front office staff texts the patient that the clinic is ready.
  • The allergy shot nurse will meet them at the front door and walk them into the shot room
  • The patient will wait for the 30 minutes in the waiting room after receiving their allergy shot in order to ensure there is no reaction.
  • The following safety measures will be in place at the clinic:
    • Patients in the waiting room will be required to practice social distancing
    • The waiting room seats, counter tops, and door knobs will be wiped down every hour with disinfecting solution that kills viruses
    • All staff in the clinic will be required to wear masks
    • Patients will be screened for fever and cough and counseled not to come to the clinic
    • All staff will adhere to strict handwashing protocol that is recommended by the CDC

We appreciate your patience during this time of emergency and we look forward to treating your allergies and asthma in a safe manner.


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